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If you are already familiar with the Cards, or an experienced practitioner, it can be helpful to try new spreads.

These can help deepen your understanding of the cards, whether they be Lenormand, Tarot or Oracle.

If you notice recurring topics coming up, reading for yourself or others, it can be good to try spreads that focus on that particular topic.

Finding a you-beaut “this one always works” spread can be a real feather in your cap as a reader. I recommend experimenting and searching for your “perfect” spreads too.

Card Spread – The Next 90 Days

Lenormand can be a great assist for planning ahead. It can point out challenges we might otherwise have been unprepared for, and opportunities we may otherwise have missed.
Trickster or True Spread Image

Trickster or True Spread

A card spread to help find the truth, or trickery, in a situation. Created for Lenormand (but can be used for Tarot as well quite nicely).
Card Spread covering all areas of life

Whole Life Card Spread

This is my go-to spread for when the person I'm reading for doesn't have a particular topic in mind. I pull three to five Lenormand cards for each line. In