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Trickster or True Spread

Trickster or True Spread Image

Different spreads are great to know, especially if you find the same type of question or topic coming up. Feel free to adapt this reading method and make it your own.

(But if you quote it directly, make sure to cite me and put this link in as reference to your readers).

Trickster or True Spread

If you’re not sure about a new person in your life, or you feel something’s amiss with someone you usually trust, this spread can help us clarify how carefully we may need to tread…

In this spread, we focus on the Fox card in the Lenormand (though as an alternative, feel free to use the Snake card or the Seven of Swords card in the Tarot).

The fox will stealthily observe and learn patterns, to get around whatever is in the way of its family’s next meal – regardless of property rights! 🙂  The Fox card can mean someone near you is withholding information or outright lying! Tricksy scams, theft, the con, something’s not quite right.

Of course, it can just refer to needing to use your strategic smarts, to get around red tape and achieve your goals.

But if YOU are someone else’s “red tape” or in someone else’s way, you may not want them using their wiles to achieve their ends! As their goals may not have your best interests at heart…

When something seems off, it can help to have a go-to spread, this is mine. It’s quick and easy, and works!


If you are worried about deception by someone in a particular area of your life: choose the card that represents the topic you’re worried about, and then look at the relationship between the Fox card and it. For example, if you’re worried about someone messing with your reputation, I’d use the Garden card to represent the topic.

Name the people cards (choose which is you and which is another significant person in the situation you’re asking about – maybe the Trickster themself, or someone else in the situation that you think might be vulnerable as well). The people cards could pop up and might confuse you if you don’t assign them to specific people beforehand. If you have extra people cards, make sure to discard them at this point.

So now you have the Fox card, the topic card, and at least two people cards (some decks have more than two people cards, so check through your deck and remove any extras if this is the case for you).

You could use a Grand Tableau (lay out all the cards in 4 rows of 9), or!

Simply shuffle thoroughly (for at least 30 seconds or, 13 – 21 shuffles, or however you usually do it) while thinking of the issue. Then turn the deck over, so the image side is face up.

Look through the deck (keeping them in order) until you find either: the Fox card first OR the topic card first (ignore any of the people cards you also programmed earlier).

Put the cards above the first topic or Fox card aside. Continue to look through the deck (still keeping the cards in order) until you find the other card (the topic card if you found the Fox first, or the Fox card if you found your topic card first).

Discard the cards beneath your second card. You should now have either the Fox or the topic card on top, image side up, and the other card (Fox or topic) on the bottom.

Now spread out the cards on a surface before you, bottom card to the left-most side and the top card as the furthest to the right.

Count how many cards between the first and last. If they are right next to each other or only 2 or 3 apart, you can bet there’s something fishy going on! The cards between will tell you the story. You may then want to do a Grand Tableau to clarify and get to the meat of the situation.

If they are far apart, by ten or even twenty cards, I wouldn’t worry so much about funny business being involved. If there are a lot of cards between the topic card and the Fox, and a person card is next to or within 2-3 cards away from either end, then that tells a different story!

If a person card is near the Fox, then that person may be a Trickster, but about a different topic. If the person card near the Fox is you, check if you’re facing toward it or away. If you’re facing it, take that to mean, “keep watching and you’ll catch something or someone out. Be aware, be prepared, keep your cards close to your chest for now.” If you’re facing away, it could be that you’re not looking at the correct “tricky situation”. Shuffle again (or preferably use a different deck so you can do them simultaneously) and look through the deck again, image side up, and find the Fox card. The card above and below it will tell you the topic you should be checking for tricky business about!!

Depending on your personality type, you may rely on this spread more than others. I personally am quite optimistic, so rarely check for tricksters around me – lol, but perhaps this personality trait instead means I should make it a habit to check for this stuff! Lol. Either way, best wishes and may all your Foxes be flushed out or kept at optimal visibility!

For more meanings and information, head to Wikipedia’s Lenormand page.


Or check out my “Recommended Lenormand Resources” page for sites, vids and books I love 🙂

Copyright 2022 Patricia Appleyard – Australia

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