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Whole Life Card Spread

Card Spread covering all areas of life

I use this spread all the time. It’s my go to for a general reading for a client who doesn’t know what topic they want to focus on. We’ll go through this spread, using Lenormand or Tarot (lol, usually both) and within it we’ll find what needs work or attention. 

This is great for when you know something is up but you’re not sure what. It can help you find connected issues that impact multiple areas of life also. I love the personal development opportunities this card spread can show me!

This spread is also great for finding warnings about people in our lives! I know, I usually want everything to be happy and dandy, lol, but sometimes, people are no good for us (a little bit – or a lot!) and it’s good to get some warning about it 🙂 

I hope this helps!

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