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Recommended Lenormand Resources

This is plently to get started with – but there is SO much more out there than what I’ve listed below! 


A good YouTube vid to watch, which shows a lot of different ways to use the Lenormand 9-Square and methods from different practitioners that the presenter respects:

Channel: Inner Whispers

Video Name: Learn Lenormand – The Nine Square


I love all things ‘Lozzy’s Lenormand’ and her website is full of freebies and articles offering simple and clear explanations and advice for learning the Lenormand system. She has meanings and combinations to explore on her site too.

I recommend her books as well. If you head to her shop you’ll see them all there and some (or all, not sure) are available as e-books on Kindle.

Anna-K has created a BEAUTIFUL Lenormand deck (it’s one of my three favourite decks) – and has a Blog with lots of articles exploring elements of the Lenormand. Her meanings can be a little different to mine and she Mirrors with all of her combination meanings, rather than pairing – so keep that in mind

[By Mirroring and not Pairing, I mean she doesn’t care which card is ‘in front of’ or ‘behind’ as one does in traditional Pairing – Card 1 = Noun Card 2 = Adjective, she has both cards interchangeable at any time].

Meanings and combinations:



Caitlin Matthews has an amazing deck, ‘The Enchanted Lenormand Oracle’ and has researched the Lenormand A LOT. She has some great tips for incorporating the Pip Card meanings as well! Some of my meanings are different to hers (e.g., her ‘Work’ card is the Moon whereas mine is the Fox). I very much recommend her book! 

The Complete Lenormand Oracle Handbook

Sylvie Steinbach is a fortune teller to the stars! She gives great advice about how to perform readings for others. She learnt from family members and includes meanings like ‘body parts’ associated with each card as well as Astrological associations and other cool things!! (I use most of her ‘body’ meanings in my readings).

The Secrets of the Lenormand Oracle

Rana George has written a fabulous book. I had the electronic version, but was recently gifted it as a paperback. I love it! For each card she has a description page and then goes into ‘Contextual Meanings’, the card as it applies to Work, Love, Timing, People’s Features, Money etc. Seriously worth the price, strongly recommend.

The Essential Lenormand – Your Guide to Precise and Practical Fortunetelling

Andy Boroveshengra’s book is also comprehensive and illuminating. He writes in an easy to understand way and is comprehensive. His lineage of learning is a little different to mine! Everytime I pick up his book, I learn something new, or remember something that’s dropped out of my view (like card counting!)

Lenormand 36 Cards: An Introduction to the Petit Lenormand

There’s always more we can learn but go at your own pace, don’t rush things! If you feel overwhelmed or like you’ll never get there, take a break and remember that EVERYONE was a beginner at one point.

Message me with any questions or if you’d like tutoring or a reading.

Wishing you the best on your Lenormand journey!!

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