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05. Tree – Lenormand Meanings and Combinations

5. Tree - the Lenormand

Want to know the meaning of the Tree card in the Petit Lenormand? Read on below!

How about combinations for the Tree? 

When you’re starting out, it’s good to check meanings on different websites and in different books, until you settle on what feels right for you. My meaning of The Tree is different in some way to almost every other Lenormand cartomancy practitioner or expert, and yours will be too.

Make the card your own!

Remember, every Lenormand card has many different meanings. If a particular meaning draws your attention or feels right – go with it!

The Tree – Meaning

Health, Family, Growth

The Tree card represents all aspects of your health and vitality! I love this card in a positive position 🙂

For me, the Tree also represents ‘the family tree’. This is a pretty straight forward card.

Imagine a tall, strong tree, out in nature, swaying in a gentle breeze. It grows slowly, so the tempo of this card is slow – for the timing meaning it would be slow, steady, gradual and even graceful! As well as the number 5 being used for timing, 5 days/weeks/months/years or the month of May. Tree can also indicate an actual tree (lol, who’d have thought!?) or being outside in nature. 

In terms of which body part it represents, Tree can be used to represent the brain – though others use this to mean the lungs – you experiment and decide for yourself.

For an example, in a recent 9-square reading about a young woman and her horse, Tree + Scythe + Snake, showed ‘an accident’ with the horse, the horse had reared and bucked the woman off. This was still very much on her mind in relation to her continued relationship with the animal. 

Mirroring the cards, Tree + Snake, Snake + Tree, we see that both the health and ‘brain’ meaning of Tree have come into play, showing the physical and mental trauma impacts of the bucking experience. Trust has been compromised. Will she keep the horse and repair her relationship with it, or sell it on? 

Special Note about the Tree… 

As the Tree card represents all aspects of your health and vitality, it can play a big part in clients’ questions about Health Tests coming up, or the health of family and friends. So, be careful with the Coffin card. The Coffin card next to or near Tree can be scary for the client to see –  because one of the Coffin’s meanings is illness, and clients automatically link the card to death. There’s a giant coffin on the card! 

So, if you have someone you think would get too scared, I would advise charging the Coffin card before the reading with the primary meaning of ‘outcome’. Say this out loud so that the client can hear it. You need to charge (assign) the people cards (‘Man’ and ‘Woman’) before a reading anyway, so try to remember to include the Coffin card in this instance.

The Tree Combinations

Primary Secondary Combined Meanings
5 Tree 1 Rider You can’t push the river. The topic of Health or Relatives will be featured soon. Fast growth. A young healthy family member.
5 Tree 2 Clover Hope, happy endings or unexpected good tidings in relation to health or relatives. A tree whose blossoms bloom and fade quickly. A tree with Clover beneath it!
5 Tree 3 Ship Going a distance from the home for a health appointment. Health of the liver/gall bladder
5 Tree 4 House Stable health. Health of the bones/skeleton.
5 Tree 5 Tree Health of a family member. Growing trees! 
5 Tree 6 Clouds (light) Health or family issue clearing up. Health of the lungs/respiratory system.
5 Tree 6 Clouds (dark) Depression. Lung health takes a turn for the worse. Out for a bush walk and it rains! Health of the lungs/respiratory system. Family history of Alzheimer’s or depression.
5 Tree 7 Snake A transformation of health. Skin peeling. Health of the large instestine/digestive system (or personally I often have it as the vertebrae of the spine).
5 Tree 7 Snake (Negative) Surprise illness or illness due to a shock. A malicious family member.
5 Tree 8 Coffin Sickness/ill health. Near-death experience. Health of the anus and sigmoid colon (part just before the anus).
5 Tree 9 Bouquet A beauty treatment. Slow and steady growth of skills. A long courtship. Health of the face/hair. Glowing good health. A tree covered in flowers.
5 Tree 10 Scythe An operation. Dental assessment. Chopping down a tree! Health of the teeth/mouth.
5 Tree 11 Whip (and the Broom) Heavy exercise that is good for the health. Health of the muscles/tendons.
5 Tree 12 Birds Birds in a tree! Health of the vocal chords and throat. A family member who is chatty or nervous.
5 Tree 13 Child

A tree that was climbed as a child. Child development/growth. Sapling. Health of the chest/breasts.

5 Tree 14 Fox A health issue that’s tricky to find the cause of. Fox in the woods. Health of the nose/sense of smell. Aromatherapy. Sleuthing the family history.
5 Tree 15 Bear Hearty health. Stamina. Health of the stomach/pancreas.
5 Tree 16 Stars Laser treatment. Psychic lineage. Health of the Skin. Psychic healing. Energy Healing.
5 Tree 17 Stork Health is transforming positively. Health of the legs.
5 Tree 18 Dog Psychologist. Health of the tongue/sense of taste. Friend of the family.
5 Tree 19 Tower Health impacts of solitude. Health of the spine/back/posture.
5 Tree 20 Garden A healthy social life. Reputation in the family. Health of the immune system. A tree in a garden.
5 Tree 21 Mountain Health obstacles. Feeling heavy in the head. Health of the head. Feeling like doing anything is too much effort.
5 Tree 22 Crossroads Tests, Health choices. Exploring family history. Health of the arteries.
5 Tree 23 Mice Deteriorating health. Infection. Health of the nervous system. Health could be improved by increasing the quality of food or the quantities of food.
5 Tree 24 Heart Familial love. Health of the heart and large blood vessels. A tree you love.
5 Tree 25 Ring Health of an agreement / health of the team performing a contractual objective. Health of the Lymphatic System.
5 Tree 26 Book Health education. Medical school. The Book of Life. Health of the brain/learning capacity/memory system.
5 Tree 27 Letter Health related to writing (e.g., dyslexia). Health of the hand/fingers. 
5 Tree 28 Man A healer. A family man.
5 Tree 29 Woman A healer. A family woman. 
5 Tree 30 Lilies Health issues due to old age. Health of the eyes/vision and ears/hearing. Health could be aided by harmony and peace.
5 Tree 31 Sun Healthy growth. Being out in the sun and fresh air increases health and vitality. Health of attentional abilities (e.g., ADHD). Vitamin D deficiency. Vitality.
5Tree 32 Moon Intuitive healer. Health of emotions or sleep. Health of sleep or aspects of the menstrual cycle. Health of the hormonal systems.
5 Tree 33 Key Tree struck by lightning. A successful health initiative. Health of the third eye/psychic senses/soul.
5 Tree 34 Fish Financial health. Family money. Health of the kidneys and bladder.
5 Tree 35 Anchor Stable health. Strong stable family connection. Health of the hips/pelvic bone.
5 Tree 36 The Cross Burdensome health or family issues. Health of the lower back. Ancestral trauma.

For more meanings and information, head to Wikipedia’s Lenormand page.


Or check out my “Recommended Lenormand Resources” page for sites, vids and books I love 🙂

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