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04. House – Lenormand Meanings and Combinations

4. house card - a charming cozy home

4. House – Meaning

Safety and comfort. What is under your own roof. Security.

This card is a mix of feelings, survival categories and … an actual building.

The House is where you live, what’s under your roof. It can mean family, but only those that live with you, at your home. (For family members who don’t live with me, I use 5. The Tree card). The House means safety, comfort, security, feeling protected; the place we can nourish ourselves and regroup, domesticity. It can also mean the ‘everyday’. The regular that is close by us and to be expected. And traditions we celebrate or enact in the home.

Some readers have this card to mean conservatism – but I rarely get that meaning come up for me as I think of myself as a progressive person, so my home is allowing and accepting of ‘the new’.

The mood of the House is slow, comfortable and safe PLUS whatever home means to you.

Timing-wise, the House card is the number 4, so, four days, four weeks, four months, four years, or the month of April.

The body part associated with the House is the skeleton or bones. (I have one of the meanings of the 7. Snake card as being the spine though…).

Valence: Neutral (Lenormand cards originally made up a parlour game, each card was a “square” on the game board. If you rolled the dice and your token landed on a “good” card, you moved forward or were advantaged in some way. Neutral cards were neither advantageous nor disadvantagous, like the House card).

See Wikipedia’s entry for further history and definitions!

Mary K. Greer also has excellent historical informaion about the Lenormand on her website. Do a search for ‘Lenormand’ in the search bar.


House Combinations

Primary Secondary Combined Meanings
4 House 1 Rider A visitor or package is about to arrive at your house! A young person who lives under your roof. Details about your house in the news (e.g., if selling your house).
4 House 2 Clover A fun party at the house. A hotel/motel. A lottery where a house is a prize. An alcoholic practising sobriety.
4 House 3 Ship Moving house. Living in a foreign country. Foreign customs in the home. A house boat! A house by the sea.
4 House 4 House Very stable, very secure. Your house is protected. Doing homey things at home (lol!)
4 House 5 Tree Stability in health. Family living under your roof.
4 House 6 Clouds (light) A domestic squabble is being cleared up. Letting more light into the house. A spring clean (+ The Whip card).
4 House 6 Clouds (dark) A gloomy feeling in the home. Someone under your roof feels troubled. Confusion regarding a rental agreement or living arrangement.
4 House 7 Snake Home renovation. A comfortable transition. A person with black hair who lives under your roof. A house with lots of curved / sinuous features.
4 House 7 Snake (Negative) Someone you live with who doesn’t have your best interests at heart. Someone is trying to figure out how to get past your home’s defenses.
4 House 8 Coffin The final home someone lived in. The house is very quiet. Home at the end of a street or in a culdesac. A small boxy home. Home-sick. At home feeling sick. 
4 House 9 Bouquet Painting your home. A pleasant house-warming gift. Making art at home. A colourful house. Your backyard. Flowers in your home garden.
4 House 10 Scythe Sudden eviction notice. A hasty decision to move that is final. Harvesting herbs/vegies grown in your home garden.
4 House 11 Whip (and the Broom) House work or chores. Home exercise workout. A house competition. Sexy times at home. Domestic violence. House slave. Arguments in the home.
4 House 12 Birds A settled old married couple. House arrangements are under discussion. Gossip about private affairs. A pet bird. Working from home as a consultant. Nervous excitement in the home. A trendy house.
4 House 13 Child A new or small house. A child who lives with you. New security system.
4 House 14 Fox Working from home. Home business. Home robbery. Real estate agent.
4 House 15 Bear Parents living with you at your home. Home security. House agent/manager. Housing authority.
4 House 16 Stars Dream to own your own home. It is safe to communicate with your spirit guides. Advice/guidance about the home. Divination at the home.
4 House 17 Stork Moving house. Home improvement. Changes at home. A baby arriving in the home!
4 House 18 Dog Living with a friend. A pet dog. Domestic instincts. Friendly neighbour.
4 House 19 Tower Home isolation. A recluse. COVID lock-down. Physical structure of the building you live in. A very tall house. Home legalities/taxes. Apartment building. A castle.
4 House 20 Garden Your back yard or balcony garden. House-warming party. Home gathering. Private network. Letting fresh air into your home.
4 House 21 Mountain A large house. A house in the mountains/on top of a hill. Obstacles to domesticity.
4 House 22 Crossroads Options about where or how to live. Sub-division of your property. A hallway in your home with lots of doors coming off it.
4 House 23 Mice Pests have invaded the home! Deterioration of the house structure. Repairs needed at home.
4 House 24 Heart Home is where the heart is. A hobby you love to pursue under your own roof. A lover you live with.
4 House 25 Ring Unity in the household. Bounding line of the home’s property. House contract.
4 House 26 Book Home library. Butler’s Journal. Things only those close to you know. Home economics. Skeletons in the family closet. Architect/Housing academic.
4 House 27 Letter Title of Deed. Receiving an email on the home computer/at home. Council zoning map. (Written) communication in the household.
4 House 28 Man House husband. Masculine comforts of the home. Male helper in the home. Private security.
4 House 29 Woman House wife. Feminine comforts of the home. Private security. Female helper in the home.
4 House 30 Lilies Retirement Home. House where you’ll live out the rest of your days. An older home. Peace and harmony in the home.
4 House 31 Sun Light in the house. Windows or lightbulbs. A happy home. Home heating or fireplace. Happy housemates.
4 House 32 Moon Emotional or psychic housemate. Famous/celebrity house. Monthly accommodation.
4 House 33 Key House key! House gate. Resolving something within the home. A successful home-owner/member of the household.
4 House 34 Fish Feather your nest. Making money from home. House price.
4 House 35 Anchor Very sturdy house foundations. Home on the coast. Permanent residence. ‘The Daily Round’ at home – i.e., morning or evening routine.
4 House 36 The Cross House rules. A place of religious worship. A priory / convent / monastery. Security problems causing extra work or hassles. Difficulties in the home. A house that is a burden.

For more meanings and information, head to Wikipedia’s Lenormand page.


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