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14. Fox – Lenormand Meanings and Combinations

14. Fox card Lenormand

Want to know the meaning of the Fox card in the Lenormand? Read on below!

How about combinations for the Fox? We’ve got that too!

My meaning of the Fox is different in some way to almost every other Lenormand cartomancy practitioner or expert, and yours will be too.

When you’re starting out, it’s good to check meanings on different websites and in different books, until you settle on what feels right for you. Make the card your own!

Remember, every Lenormand card has many different meanings. 
If a particular meaning draws your attention or feels right – go with it!

Meaning of the Fox

Our regular job that pays the bills – our “9-5”


Strategy / cunning

Getting around something


Being sneaky



Betrayal by a smiling face


Be careful / be alert

A trap


The fox card is my go to work card, being a worker, doing work for money. What we have to do to feed our kids (so to speak).

The fox is very family-oriented and will stealthily observe and learn patterns, to get around whatever is in the way of its family’s next meal – regardless of property rights! 🙂

When not pertaining to work, this card is challenging, as it means you or someone near you is withholding information or outright lying! Tricksy scams, theft, the con, something’s not quite right.

Of course, it can just refer to needing to use your strategic smarts, to get around red tape and achieve your goals.

The Lenormand started as a parlour game, “The Game of Hope”. And at that time, in the very late 1700’s, a famous story that everyone playing would have known about was Reynard the Fox. He was a legend – at times people would empathise with him, and at other times he would outrage them with his antics: Deceiving those around him and trying to avoid getting into trouble for it. His story changed over time, to mimic the society in which his story was told.

The Bear in Reynard the Fox’s story represented “the establishment” (the Bear is also found in the Lenormand deck – it’s the next card, number 15). The Bear often upheld the impossible rules that Reynard could not possibly hope to comply with. And so he would use his wit and cunning, lie, cheat and steal, to get safely around all these limitations that stood in his way.

So, if the Fox comes up, it can be a regular worker that just wants to feed their family and get safely home. Possibly harassed by red tape or unreasonable bosses. Or! Alternatively, it could be the smiling liar, trying to trick you for their own ends.

The Tricksy Fox could think that the rules/ethics/values that you take for granted don’t serve them, so they ignore them. If you notice the Fox in your life ignoring these values/ethics/rules, they’ll lie and cover up that they are doing it. The Fox could have noble reasons for doing this…but they are still NOT thinking about your best interests, only their own.

In a reading, first establish if it is a work card meaning, or a Tricksy meaning. Best not to jump to negative conclusions.

Or, before starting the reading, label it (program it by just stating its meaning) as the worker card or the Trickster card.

I usually use it as the Worker card, but state that its relation to the Snake card (which also has the potential to mean trickery) will tell me about any sly bad things in my orbit.

So, for picking up deception, check its relation to the snake card in a Grand Tableau, and see the story made between these two cards.

If you are worried about deception by someone in a particular area of your life: choose the card that represents the topic/person you’re worried about, and then look at the relationship between the Fox card and it. (And even the Snake card also – if they knight or are in the same line that can give you more info).

You could use a Grand Tableau (lay out all the cards in 4 rows of 9 is my preffered GT pattern), or! Use my Trickster or True Spread, here on my website 🙂

Depending on your personality type, you may rely on this card more than others. I personally am quite optimistic, so rarely check for tricksters around me – lol, but perhaps this personality trait instead means I should make it a habit to check for this stuff! Lol.

Some readers are more negative than others, and if the Fox (or Snake card) pops up, their reading becomes all about treachery and fearful disaster, regardless of how prominently positioned those cards actually are. I’m just too optimistic and positive for that. Lol. 

As an example, I joined a new group and one member was super interesting and kind. When I did a Grand Tableau, the Fox card came up very close to the topic they were associated with. I investigated and found the smiling assassin was my erstwhile new friend!

Lol, I didn’t ditch them automatically! But I kept my eyes peeled rather than taking what they said at face value, and didn’t rely on them where it could have made me vulnerable. I won’t go into too much detail, but my vigilance paid off!

I was able to find out where they bent the truth, and that they “borrowed” ideas and content from others too heavily. And they didn’t warn me when I was making a visible mistake, instead I saw a bit of sadistic glee in their eyes at my error. Lol, THEN I ditched them. No point in keeping someone around who gets joy from your misery!!

Hmm, that’s a bit of a negative light to end this Fox card exploration on. Lol, which is why I usually leave it as being my “work/er” card, or my “think strategically about …” card.

May all your foxes be outsmarted and all your chickens safe in their coop!


Body Part: The nose, sense of smell, scents.

Timing: 14 days, weeks, months, years. If there is a fox-assoicated moon phase or time of the year for you, use that also if you like. Timing associated with Neptune (e.g., Pisces season) or Capricorn. 

Associated playing card (pip card): Nine of Clubs

Astrology: Neptune (delusions) says Sylvie Steinbach. But for me, if it’s the worker meaning, then Capricorn. You can use the astrology of the cards for timing as well.

Valence: Negative



The Fox Combinations

Primary Secondary Combined Meanings
14 Fox 1 Rider

Work news. New recruit at work. Strategy around how to deliver news to someone. A news anchor; a type of work that is highly athletic; professional horse rider; a delivery driver.

14 Fox 2 Clover

A worker in a casino or bar. An entertainer. Someone who works with herbs. Use strategy around dealing with addictive substances. Don’t trust everyone around you at a party. Be wary of sudden news of good fortune or joy. A worker who is on drugs during work hours!

14 Fox 3 Ship A sailor / customs worker / immigration officer. Strategic planning of a journey. A worker from overseas. A Stock Broker / Trader. Be wary of a scam related to stocks / shares / cryptocurrency trading. 
14 Fox 4 House A worker in the area of real estate or your home. A home burglary / burglar. Trying to get around regulations that rule your home or house, e.g., government conditions of a home renovation or extension, or sneakily doing something that’s not allowed in your home rental.
14 Fox 5 Tree

Health worker. Geneticist (works with the family tree). Someone who works with networks or families. Someone in your family is acting sneakily! Remain on guard about a new network you’re in/just joining.

14 Fox 6 Clouds (light)

Work issues clear up. Sneaky behaviour has the light shone upon it. Someone at work who brings cheer. Mental health worker. A window cleaner! Working clears your mind.

14 Fox 6 Clouds (dark)

A hidden saboteur (cue dramatic music!) Conditions may be too difficult, even with your best strategy.

For profession (Fox card can indicate a worker, second card describes what kind of worker), think about what the dark side of the Clouds card means; decreased light and clarity, increased confusion. So, one example could be a Window Tinter!

The below meanings might be how you feel at work at the moment, or it might talk about a co-worker:

A worker who creates confusion or brings gloom.  A worker who isn’t very clear-headed.

14 Fox

7 Snake

(Positive/ Neutral)

A yoga instructor! Leather worker. Medicine man/woman. Flexibility as a worker or in the workplace. Transformational work.


14 Fox 7 Snake (Negative) A person at work who doesn’t have your best interests at heart. Work that is about manipulating others against their best interests. Greasy salesman. Snake oil seller. Toxic work environment. Someone you work with who will stab you in the back when you least expect it. Stay very alert!
14 Fox 8 Coffin

Working with ill people/researcher of illnesses. Mortician. Cabinet-maker (carpenter who makes “boxes”). Your job to fire people at work. Your work is coming to an end (don’t jump to conclusions here! It could just be the end of the year before holidays or the end of a big project). A work lead dries up.

1 Rider 9 Bouquet


Delivery of a gift of appreciation. Graduation certificate arrives earlier than expected. Good looking young person (usually Male).

1 Rider 10 Scythe Cancellation of a scheduled visit. News of a decision.
1 Rider 11 Whip (and the Broom) Heavy labour/highly physical activity by a young athletic person. Painful news.
1 Rider 12 Birds A chatty young man. News by mouth/over the phone.
1 Rider 13 Child A small bit of news/gossip. A playful young person.
1 Rider 14 Fox News about work. A young man you work with. Deliverer or messenger or athlete as occupation.
1 Rider 15 Bear News about your long-term finances. An unexpected visit by a parent/guardian.
1 Rider 16 Stars News about your hopes and dreams. A message from above/Divinity.
1 Rider 17 Stork News of a baby being delivered. News about a trip overseas.
1 Rider 18 Dog Surprise visit from a friend. Your new pet arrives.
1 Rider 19 Tower Unexpected news about your business. News from a business or organisation.
1 Rider 20 Garden Gossip about someone’s reputation. Going for a horse ride in nature. News delivered via social media.
1 Rider 21 Mountain Delay in transport or a trip somewhere. Traffic jam. Big news. Large package arrives. Physical health regimen becomes difficult to continue.
1 Rider 22 Crossroads Multiple deliveries or packages arriving. Driving in the wrong direction.
1 Rider 23 Mice Wiry young man. Someone arrives late due to dithering. News that brings anxiety.
1 Rider 24 Heart Young heart throb. Sexy times! News about a passion or hobby.
1 Rider 25 Ring News of a contract. A contract finalises fast. Flirtation leads to a commitment. Engagement to an athletic young person.
1 Rider 26 Book A secret is revealed! A visit by a Book Worm. News of acceptance to an educational course or institution.
1 Rider 27 Letter Delivery of an official document. News via written correspondence. You are given a list by a young person.
1 Rider 28 Man Behaviours/actions stereotypically attached to males in your culture. An arrogant young man. A male visitor. A significant male in your life visits unexpectedly.
1 Rider 29 Woman Behaviours/actions stereotypically attached to females in your culture. A young relative suddenly seems grown up. A female friend comes to visit unexpectedly. A handsome young woman. News from a female.
1 Rider 30 Lilies Unexpected visit from a mature gentleman. News restores harmony. Retrenchment or news of retirement.
1 Rider 31 Sun A young braggart. A happy healthy person. An extrovert appears in your life. Happy news!!
1 Rider 32 Moon News or a delivery that arrives in the evening. Information about your sleep. Psychic information. Emotional news.
1 Rider 33 Key News of success! News of the opening of something. News which solves a puzzle. News that a wish is granted.
1 Rider 34 Fish News of financial abundance. Unexpected cash arrives. An expensive car. Spending money on your car. An unexpected valuable edition.
14 Fox 35 Anchor A stable, reliable, solid worker. Daily work routine. Deception around / someone taking advantage of knowing your daily routine.
14 Fox 36 The Cross A priest or religious worker. Work duties that bring burden / a heavy load at work. Occupation as a regulater (e.g., auditing or Occupational Health and Safety). A deceptive person / someone you shouldn’t trust makes things tough for you. A trickster who is pretending to be religious or full of woes and burdens.

For more meanings and information, head to Wikipedia’s Lenormand page.


Or check out my “Recommended Lenormand Resources” page for sites, vids and books I love 🙂

Copyright 2022 Patricia Appleyard – Australia

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