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09. Bouquet – Lenormand Meanings and Combinations

9. Bouquet - Lenormand Card Image
Want to know the meaning of the Bouquet card in the Lenormand? Read on below!

How about combinations forthe Bouquet? We’ve got that too!

My meaning of the Bouquet is different in some way to almost every other Lenormand cartomancy practitioner or expert, and yours will be too.

When you’re starting out, it’s good to check meanings on different websites and in different books, until you settle on what feels right for you. Make the card your own!

Remember, every Lenormand card has many different meanings. 

If a particular meaning draws your attention or feels right – go with it!

The Bouquet – Lenormand Meanings

  • A surprise gift
  • Portfolio of skills
  • Wooing/Courting
  • A date!
  • Art and beauty
  • Appreciation
  • Gentle joy
  • All colours and beauty
  • You are welcome and appreciated
  • Generosity

The Bouquet is such a lovely and gentle card, gifts, grace, beauty, generosity and joy are all part and parcel of this colourful artistic card. Wooing or, a surprise gift, round out the meaning with a ‘portfolio of skills’ to finish it off.

Though this card has a heavy focus on the external appearance, it strongly embodies the feelings of grace, gentleness, joy and mindful gratitude. It can remind me of a quiet Summer’s afternoon in nature, perfect weather and a quiet vitality.

Graceful beauty, gifts and joyous contentment – who could ask for anything more?! Hahaha.

I find this card very helpful in readings about work, careers and job interviews. It helps to identify the skills already attained by the Querant – pointing them out can ease the Querant’s mind if they have been minimising their skills or achievements or are nervous that they are perceptible by others. The cards pairing with Bouquet, near or around it can tell the nature of the skills or abilities of the Querant.

Combined with 20 Garden (social networking/reputation meanings) it congratulates the Querant, showing them that their abilities are seen and appreciated by their peers or those at their workplace – their reputation is such that their skills are believed sound and even admired.

For Romance readings this is the card to check – along with 24 The Heart of course! If your Querant is looking for a new mate, the card of Wooing won’t steer you wrong. 

This is also the card that represents Art – unless the deck you are using has created a card especially for this (e.g., the Anna-K Lenormand has an Orange ‘Sensuous’ Lily as well as a White Lily card).

Advanced: As it’s the card house after 8 The Coffin, I always feel an internal sigh of relief when my eyes glance over it in the Grand Tableau, as it finishes the top row with grace and ease…lol, usually! Depending on what card is occupying house 9!

For Querants who are dating around or are already romantically involved: in a Grand Tableau identify where the Bouquet card is in relation to the person card (28. Man/29. Lady/Extra Card) that signifies the Querant’s partner. Looking only at these two cards check: 

  • Are they near or far from each other?
  • Which is above or below?
  • What is in between the cards?
  • What is knighting both of them – are there any cards or houses that they both have in common when you mirror/knight/pair using the whole Grand Tableau?
  • Is the Bouquet closer to the Querant’s Significator card or the card signifying their (potential) mate? Is it very much closer to the Querant or to the other Person card or far away from both? Is it in a happy balanced middle position between both people cards?
  • Is the Bouquet card in the ‘past’, ‘present’ or ‘future’ compared to the Querant or other person card?

The Body Part the Bouquet card represents is the face, smile and hair

The Type of Person this card represents is: handsome, an artist, pleasant, charming

Timing: September, 9 days/weeks/months/years

Associated playing card: Queen of Spades

The Bouquet Combinations

Primary         Secondary Combined Meanings
9 Bouquet 1 Rider

A delivery of a bouquet! Someone will ask you out on a date soon… A skilled or handsome/beautiful athlete.

9 Bouquet 2 Clover A fun date. A surprise gift the brings joy or laughter. Being asked on a date to a party. A gift of luck.
9 Bouquet 3 Ship Going on a short trip for a date. A handsome exotic-looking person. Surprise gift from overseas. You are asked out on a date by a foreigner.
9 Bouquet 4 House House-warming gift. A reliable attractive man. A date at home.
9 Bouquet 5 Tree Glowing health. A gift from a family member. Skills in healing. A painting of your family tree.
9 Bouquet 6 Clouds (light) A gift brings cheer. Being out amongst the beauty of nature clears your mind. Doubt clears up about your date!
9 Bouquet 6 Clouds (dark) A gift increases confusion. Arrangements for a date are vague or don’t make sense. An attractive person who isn’t very clear-headed.
9 Bouquet 7 Snake Glowing with health from yoga practice. A date requires you to be adaptable or flexible. A joyful transformation.
9 Bouquet 7 Snake (Negative) A date who doesn’t have your best interests at heart. A pretty gift given to you for the purposes of trying to manipulate you. An insincere welcome.
9 Bouquet 8 Coffin A beautiful ending. The outcome of a date! Sick flowers. Your date is unwell.
9 Bouquet 9 Bouquet A beautiful gift of appreciation. Graduation certificate brings joy. Good looking face and smile. A bouquet of flowers!
9 Bouquet 10 Scythe

Cancellation of a date. The skill of fast thinking. A hand-picked flower. Almost being late to your date! [I sometimes have the Scythe to mean ‘cutting it close’ time-wise].

9 Bouqet 11 Whip (and the Broom) Heavy labour/highly physical activity amongst the beauty of nature. A date with someone super sexy! Euphoria from heavy exercise (like a Runner’s High). Art that shows violence.
9 Bouquet 12 Birds Great discussion on a date. A song or spoken poetry. A Welcome or Thank You speech.
9 Bouquet 13 Child A new courtship. A playful beautiful person. Making art about something child-like or new. Skills in the area of childcare.
9 Bouquet 14 Fox A date with someone clever or from work. Camouflage. Appreciation or generousity in the workplace. A surprise gift of something useful for work. A trojan horse.
9 Bouquet 15 Bear

Appreciation from a parent/boss or for your parenting/leadership. An unexpected gift from a parent/guardian. Leadership in a creative area.

9 Bouqet 16 Stars Psychic skills/abilities. A gift from Spirit/Source. Art that gives the feeling of hope or inspiration. A date with destiny!! Your date is a famous person.
9 Bouquet 17 Stork A surprise (but welcome) gift of pregnancy. Art that transports or uplifts you. An improvement in your skill.
9 Bouquet 18 Dog

Surprise visit from a friend. Your new pet arrives. A handsome/beautiful friend. Skilled, talented, handsome AND loyal! Dedicated to your skill. Your Beau is also your best friend.

9 Bouquet 19 Tower

A surprise gift from a business or organisation. A handsome/beautiful loner. Skills in self-belief (that which builds you up tall and strong like the Tower) OR skills to do with organisations/businesses/buildings and construction.

9 Bouquet 20 Garden

A great reputation. Excellent social skills. Flowers in the garden. A Botanical Garden. Announcement of a romantic relationship to your colleagues or social network. 

9 Bouquet 21 Mountain

Your date is postponed (not canceled). A huge gift. A flower garden on a mountain! Your beauty is an obstacle or is a difficulty for you. A very long engagement or courtship period.

9 Bouquet 22 Crossroads Multiple gifts arriving. Multiple suitors / talents. Lots of offers of assistance. A positive outcome, no matter which way you choose to go. A happy alternative.
9 Bouquet 23 Mice

Slimming down. Lots of small beautiful things – OR a meagre gift. (I know, it’s contradictory! Use other cards or the context to decide upon which meaning is more appropriate). Unexpected help, gift from, or a date with someone anxious. Your happiness or calm is being whittled down.

9 Bouquet 24 Heart

A romantic courtship. A love of art or beauty. Skills in love. Contented and happy in your relationship. Could indicate a “honeymoon period”. There is an ease at the moment amongst you and the relationships you have with people you love. A heart-shaped face. Red hair. Cupid-bow lips.

9 Bouquet 25 Ring

A sincere romantic engagement.  Contracted to do or buy some sort of art / beauty things. Skills in contract making. A round face. A positive enjoyable outcome. Joining an art group. Dedicated to your art / skills. An easeful happy alliance.

9 Bouquet 26 Book

Knowledge of art or beauty. Studying art / flowers. Researching a gift (e.g., analysing the best gifts to give for each person on the holidays). A handsome Book Worm. Gift of a book or knowledge.

9 Bouquet 27 Letter A pleasant surprise of a letter / post card / email. Beautiful hand-writing. Messages with your decorator / stylist / beautician. Very happy with a written message you’ve received. A thank you letter / card. A painting. A gorgeous deck of Lenormand cards! 🙂
9 Bouquet 28 Man

A handsome male. Masculine skills/talents. A man with a pleasant air. Being asked out by or going on a date with a male. A pleasant or artistic man. A significant male in your life gives you a gift unexpectedly. Masculine flowers. A painting of a man.

9 Bouquet 29 Woman

A beautiful woman. A woman with a pleasant air. Feminine skills/talents. Being asked out by or going on a date with a female. A pleasant or artistic woman. A significant female in your life gives you a gift unexpectedly. Feminine flowers. A painting of a woman.

9 Bouquet 30 Lilies

Courtship from a mature gentleman (any gender okay). A surprise gift restores harmony. Literally a bouquet of lilies. Skills in bringing peace / restoring harmony. Something (or someone) that makes you feel cheerful, calm and safe. A handsome/beautiful elderly person.

9 Bouquet 31 Sun

A very positive gift of appreciation. Flowers of Summer. An attractive optimistic person / suitor.

9 Bouquet 32 Moon A gift of appreciation that arrives in the evening. Dreaming of your suitor. (A portfolio of) psychic skills. Emotional news. Colours or the beauty of night. A very good reputation.
9 Bouquet 33 Key A successful date! Figuring out plans for a really good date. The opening of an art exhibition. A jig-saw puzzle. A flower stamen. A bribe!
9 Bouquet 34 Fish A beautiful expensive thing (hopefully it’s also a surprise gift!). Money earnt through art or beauty. An expensive bunch of flowers. Spending money on your appearance. Appreciating luxury. Literally being given fish (or aquatic life).
9 Bouqet 35 Anchor A regular date to the same place. Skills / talents you’d find displayed at a beach (surfing, swimming, sand sculptures). Daily beauty regime. Being courted by someone reliable. The beauty of the sea-side.
9 Bouquet 36 The Cross Being rejected on a date. A date with destiny! The Book of Kells (beautiful art + a religious scripture). A burdensome gift or, a gift that comes with a lot of strict rules applied to it. A date that just seems like too much trouble to go on. A very conservative art gallery.

For more meanings and information, head to Wikipedia’s Lenormand page.


Or check out my “Recommended Lenormand Resources” page for sites, vids and books I love 🙂

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