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03. Ship – Lenormand Meanings and Combinations

A ship sails the high seas! Lenormand card number 3.

Want to know the meaning of the Ship card in Lenormand? 

How about combinations for the Ship?

Yes? Then read on below! 🙂

When you’re starting out, it’s good to check meanings on different websites and in different books, until you settle on what feels right for you. My meaning of the Ship is different in some way to almost every other Lenormand cartomancy practitioner or expert, and yours will be too.

Make the card your own!

Remember, every Lenormand card has many different meanings.

If a particular meaning draws your attention or feels right in a reading – go with it!

Meaning of the Ship

Travel; a journey; Exploration; Trade; International / long-distance; 
Relating to the water, especially the sea; A farewell; A vehicle; The soul’s journey; 
Opportunity for betterment or enrichment (combined with cards either side/nearby).
In relation to a timing question, it could be 3 days/weeks/months or in March. Or! It could be ‘whilst on a trip away from home’.


Body Part = the liver or gall bladder


In 1799, ships were THE way to get to truly exotic shores. Distance was not yet bridged by speedy Planes, Trains and Automobiles. Also, what modern day trucks, trains, cargo planes and ships do (or even what horse and wagons used to do) is covered by the ship.

Merchant traders on the high seas, bringing back exotic goods. Waves splashing against the hull, there is always something to do, a sail or the direction to adjust as currents and weather surprise you – and always a destination, real only in the sailors’ imaginations or in symbolic squiggles on an inked map. A long-distance voyage on a ship gave you plenty of time to think and a hell of a lot of water to stare at!

The idea of the Merchant greedily awaiting the bounty of the ship’s hull and the swift trade of goods thereafter is taken a step further for modern interpretation by including its meaning to be the Stock Market. Fast moving ‘wheeling and dealing’ in the square of the city’s market, but translated to digital! 

Being physically far removed from where your imagination has placed you can accompany the Ship card. The data of the internet shooting through cables, or goods on a ship at sea, are dislocated from your presence. The yearning we can feel for something far away but which we imminently desire to feel physically beside us can also be found within the Ship. Family or close friends far away? You might see Dog or a Person card near or related to the Lenormand Ship card.

Fun Fact: The original Ship card had the Nuremberg flag flying from the ship in the image – Nuremberg is where the first Lenormand cards were printed.

3. The Ship – Combinations

Primary Secondary Combined Meanings
3 Ship 1 Rider A journey has commenced, a visitor or a package is now on their way to you. A trade has been finalised, news of this will reach you soon.
3 Ship 2 Clover A gentle fun journey. A yearning to be elsewhere doing something fun!
3 Ship 3 Ship A journey on a boat! A vehicle made overseas. (Combine any of the meanings of the Ship here).
3 Ship 4 House A safe secure long-term investment. A house-boat. A sea-worthy vessel. Safe journey.
3 Ship 5 Tree International relatives. A trip to the doctor.
3 Ship 6 Clouds (light) Details about a trip become clear. The sun comes out in time for your trip away! 
3 Ship 6 Clouds (dark) A foreign visitor who is vague about information or is depressed. Disorganized journey.
3 Ship 7 Snake A boat trip along the Brisbane River (it’s famously snake-like with its multiple curves). A yearning to be glamorous or fascinating to others. Covert travel. An eel.
3 Ship 7 Snake (Negative) A journey through a dangerous place. A racist person. Be warned of a possible dodgy deal!
3 Ship 8 Coffin Journey’s end. Termination point. Motion sickness. The hull of the boat. Shipping container.
3 Ship 9 Bouquet Travel with a romantic partner. Water lillies. Travel to a destination of beauty. A good-looking person from an exotic location.
3 Ship 10 Scythe Journey comes to a sudden ending. Spontaneous decision to go travelling. Three days until decision time! Very quick travel time.
3 Ship 11 Whip (and the Broom) Going jogging/running. A painful journey. A repetitive travel routine. An abusive foreigner.
3 Ship 12 Birds A chatty foreigner. Discussion with your travel agent or about your trip. Travel with an old couple. A foreign language.
3 Ship 13 Child A small or new boat. A journey of short distance. A child of exotic appearance. A new trade. New stock in the store.
3 Ship 14 Fox Sailor as occupation. A journey where you’ll need your wits about you. A trip without a visa! Goods you will sell at work.
3 Ship 15 Bear Long-term investment. “Hodling” cryptocurrency. Travel with your mother. A trip with a hirsute man. A strong desire to be your own boss/be the boss. Shaman/spiritual leader. Ship’s Captain.
3 Ship 16 Stars A soul journey filled with cosmic guidance. Space ship! A trip to the planetarium. Your dream holiday.
3 Ship 17 Stork The journey of parenthood. Moving to a foreign country. Child’s parent is from overseas. Circumnavigate the globe.
3 Ship 18 Dog A friendly immigrant. Journey with a friend. Trading Doge Coin (its symbol is a dog).
3 Ship 19 Tower A shipping company or import/export business. Boat dock. Ship yard. Travel in solitude.
3 Ship 20 Garden Socialising on a cruise ship. International network.
3 Ship 21 Mountain Delay in transport or a trip somewhere. Traffic jam in the harbour! Your journey is blocked/delayed flight. A huge trip overseas.
3 Ship 22 Crossroads You’ve come to a crossroads in your journey. A tributary. Multiple trips. Considering alternatives in your travel plans.
3 Ship 23 Mice Travel that brings anxiety. Mice on board the ship! Your goods are damaged whilst in transit. A trip degrades into discomfort. Going hungry on your day trip.
3 Ship 24 Heart A journey to a place you love or to somewhere where you can fully practise your hobby. Sailing as a hobby. A deep yearning to find love. Heart chakra.
3 Ship 25 Ring A travel commitment. A contract which requires travel. Shipping contract. Trade agreement.
3 Ship 26 Book Captain’s Log. Travel Diary. A ‘Lonely Planet’ guidebook. Akashic Records. Foreign school.
3 Ship 27 Letter Plane ticket. Stock Certificate.
3 Ship 28 Man Foreign gentleman. Journey with a male. Man you meet on a trip.
3 Ship 29 Woman Foreign woman. Journey with a female. Woman you meet on a journey. Female travelers.
3 Ship 30 Lilies A journey restores balance and harmony. A peaceful trip. An old retired sailor. A Cruise for Over 50’s. 
3 Ship 31 Sun Sun-soaked adventure. The beach! Daytime journey. A happy journey brings optimism and vitality.
3 Ship 32 Moon The tides. A trip at night time. An emotional journey. Intense yearning. An overnight trip.
3 Ship 33 Key Car/vehicle keys. A successful journey or trade. An important import good.
3 Ship 34 Fish Profitable trade or journey. An expensive trip. Foreign currency.
3 Ship 35 Anchor Ship at anchor. A dependable vehicle. Daily journey to and from a place. A trip to the coast.
3 Ship 36 The Cross A difficult journey. Journey of faith. The Pilgrimage Trail. Travel with strict rules/regulations to abide by.

Copyright 2022 Patricia Appleyard – Australia


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