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12. Birds – Lenormand Meanings and Combinations

12. Birds card Lenormand

Listen along to the written meaning below. My Soundcloud Lenormand tracks have a little more info in them, as I’ve added more deets on the fly as I’m recording 🙂

Meaning of Birds

Communication that is spoken (vocal only)

An old married couple

A pair of something


Small get-togethers, meetings, sales pitches, interviews

Actual birds

What is trendy

Birds chitter and chatter, and flock together. Talking and chatting. Companionship and discussion are high on the meanings list. It can mean an old couple or long-term best friends.

I’m pretty strict with my rule that the Birds card represents spoken communication only. Other readers have it as written electronic communication also (as it goes “through the air”); for me, I use 27 Letter for that as it covers all written communication.

Gossip, alongside the meaning “trendy”, can involve commenting on and comparing what someone is wearing. What things they are using or how they are doing something. When we chat with people we know intimately, we are more likely to share thoughts – and judgements – that we wouldn’t bring up in more polite company. 

This could involve sharing what we think is “cool” or “hot”, what we like or dislike, and what we think the backstory is to someone’s public behaviour – GOSSIP! Hahaha. But honestly, when this card comes up, I interpret it to mean discussion more often than its gossip meaning. (If it’s paired with the Snake card – it’ll be gossip for sure).

My first Lenormand deck had a Birds card illustrated with a pair of Cockatoos, indigenous to Australia (image now above!) Cockatoos are not flighty birds. They are sturdy and intelligent and larger than more common birds, like pigeons. 

But other decks I bought later in my journey showed the birds in the image in nervous flight, darting hectically – especially the Anna K deck. I just never adopted the flighty/nervous/anxious meaning that other Lenormand readers have. I attribute that to 23. Mice *shrug*. (It’s sometimes difficult to ignore the images on the deck, so sometimes I will in fact use the flighty meaning in a reading…sometimes.)

So, below in my combinations for the Birds card, you just will not find “nervousness” in there, for that check out Anna K’s website 🙂 The amazing Caitlin Matthews also has that meaning. Go with what feels right for you, as long as somewhere in the deck you can cover “anxiety” or the fast-paced stretches of life, you’re fine 🙂

The Body Parts the Birds card represents are, vocal chords and throat.

Timing: 12 days/weeks/months/years 

Also… The planet Mercury quite obviously aligns its “communication” meaning with the Birds card. So, for timing, you could include that planet in your intuitive process. Mercury goes retrograde four times a year and also rules Virgo and Gemini – if you follow astrology, feel free to include Mercury seasons in this part of the meaning!

Associated playing card: Seven of Diamonds

Valence: Neutral

Birds Combinations

Primary           Secondary Combined Meanings
12 Birds 1 Rider

Discussion about a delivery arriving / imminent news / a young athletic person.

12 Birds 2 Clover A discussion about fun/a party/gambling. A light happy discussion. Talking about herbs. A lucky couple.
12 Birds 3 Ship A discussion about a journey. Talking about something overseas. Long-distance phone call. Chatting about your new adventures, or longings. 
12 Birds 4 House A conversation about your house/security. A cuppa and chat in your home (or your friend’s home). A couple living in their “love nest”.
12 Birds 5 Tree

A family discussion. A pair of trees! The health of your relationship. A conversation about health. 

12 Birds 6 Clouds (light)

A discussion brings clarity or optimism to a situation. A conversation others had comes to light. A couple’s relationship breaks out of the doldrums.

12 Birds 6 Clouds (dark) A discussion creates confusion/a dark mood. A pessimistic or cynical couple. A misunderstanding.
12 Birds 7 Snake  A discussion makes you feel lighter and/or transformed. A couple that does yoga! Be adaptable or flexible during your interview / sales pitch.
12 Birds 7 Snake (Negative) A conversation reveals someone to be malicious or a liar. Verbal abuse in a relationship. At your small gathering someone does not have your best interests at heart – be cautious about what you share. Someone you talk with is trying to manipulate you.
12 Birds 8 Coffin The end or outcome of a discussion. A talk about illness / death / exhaustion. 
12 Birds 9 Bouquet

Talking about a gift. A beautiful voice. Talking about your date – or what you talk about on your date (remember, cards around these cards clarify which combo meaning suits best). Meeting about decoration or design. Getting advice about your date.

12 Birds 10 Scythe

Cancellation of a small gathering or interview. Discussion about a decision. Damaging gossip. A conversation with someone makes your mind up. Sharp words.

12 Birds 11 Whip (and the Broom)

An argument. Verbal abuse. Repetitive conversation. Talking loudly or aggressively. Painful throat or it’s painful to use your voice. Hate speech. A conversation about sport or sex.

12 Birds 12 Birds

Linguistics. A discussion about discussions. Talking about a meet up or interview. A conversation with an articulate person / couple. Negotiations in person or over the phone.

12 Birds 13 Child

A small bit of gossip. A playful discussion. Talk of new things. Use care when talking about (this) – the person you talk with could be vulnerable.

12 Birds 14 Fox A job interview. Discussion or gossip about work. Vocal work. A married couple you work with.  A work meeting.
12 Birds 15 Bear Discussion about your long-term finances. A meeting with the bank/financiers. A chat with a parent/guardian. Talking like a boss!
12 Birds 16 Stars

A conversation about your hopes and dreams. Communing with Divinity. A celebrity speaker/talk show host.

12 Birds 17 Stork Discussion about a pregnancy or new baby. An appointment with an obstetrician. Meeting with your travel agent. Chatting with someone about how to improve your life.
12 Birds 18 Dog

A loyal couple. Talking with (or about!) a friend. A get together with your mates. Gossip with your bestie.

12 Birds 19 Tower

Being guarded with your speech. Business discussions or talking with a company/organisation. A PR company. A couple that makes a business together.

12 Birds 20 Garden Gossip about someone’s reputation. Gossiping about mutual friends/acquaintances. Discussions around Garden Card topics (social networking, status, social media). Birds in the park. Hot and trendy in the scene! A picnic or gathering outdoors.
12 Birds 21 Mountain

A discussion/interview is delayed. A block in communication. Literally birds on a mountain. Huge gossip. Someone who talks really slowly or even boringly. A discussion with someone stubborn. Not giving anything in a verbal negotiation. Nodules in your vocal cords (something that blocks you being able to sing).

12 Birds 22 Crossroads A discussion about new opportunities or choices. An alternate way of vocal communication. Lots of people talking at once. Multiple interviews.  Talking about the way to get somewhere. Lots of couples.
12 Birds 23 Mice Talking about your anxieties. A group chat / talking group loses members. Discussion/coaching about losing weight. Nervous about an interview. Voice is weakening. Voice impacted by nerves.
12 Birds 24 Heart Gossiping about romance. A couple in love. Chatting in a small group about a hobby or passion.
12 Birds 25 Ring

Talking about a contract. Talk at a meeting goes round and round in circles. The vocal cords. Discussion about an Engagement.

12 Birds 26 Book Gossip about secrets! A learned discussion. Talking about books! Linguistics / speech studies. 
12 Birds 27 Letter A voice mail by SMS / text. Discussion about an official document or written correspondence. Speaking a list out loud. Talking about oracle cards/the Tarot! [Letter is my card for divination cards :)]
12 Birds 28 Man Talking with or about a man. A gay couple. Gossip about a significant person in your life (or you, if you identify with the Male person card in the deck). An interview with a man.
12 Birds 29 Woman Talking with or about a woman. A lesbian couple. Gossip about a significant person in your life (or you, if you identify with the Female person card in the deck). An interview with a woman. 
12 Birds 30 Lilies

A meeting with or about a mature gentleman. A discussion restores harmony. Talking (or gossiping!) about retrenchment or retirement.

12 Birds 31 Sun

Optimistic / positive discussion. A chat with an extrovert / very happy / bubbly person. A successful speaker. A fun (positive/healthy) gossip session. N.B. The darker side of the Sun card is “arrogant, self-centred, all about appearances”, so with the “trendy/hot” meaning of Birds, this combo can have an “arrogant celebrity” vibe to it too, depending on context.

12 Birds 32 Moon A discussion in the evening. Talking about your sleep. Communicating with your intuition. A once a month catch up. Psychic channeling! A celebrity speaker.
12 Birds 33 Key A successful interview! A discussion which solves a puzzle/problem. A successful couple (a perfect fit). A happy and sincere interaction between people using the voice. (The key is my electricity card too! Combine the “electric” adjective to the end of any of my keyword meanings of Birds).
12 Birds 34 Fish A discussion about (or that brings) financial abundance. A wealthy married couple. An expensive Lecturer/Speaker. Spending money on your vocal or speaking skills. A get-together that costs money to attend. Gossiping about someone’s financial affairs.
12 Birds 35 Anchor A discussion about the daily routine. A stable couple. Daily chats. Reliable gossip. Talking with someone about stability. A couple at the beach.
12 Birds 36 The Cross Discussion that brings, or is about, a burden. A really heavy talk. A couple who are burdened with sorrows. Rules a couple has about their relationship. Talking about strict regulations or religion.

For more meanings and information, head to Wikipedia’s Lenormand page.


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