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11. The Whip – Lenormand Meanings and Combinations

11 The Whip and the Broom Image - orange background

Want to know the meaning of the Whip card in the Lenormand? Read on below!

How about combinations for the Whip? We’ve got that too!

My meaning of the Whip is different in some way to almost every other Lenormand cartomancy practitioner or expert, and yours will be too.

When you’re starting out, it’s good to check meanings on different websites and in different books, until you settle on what feels right for youMake the card your own!

Remember, every Lenormand card has many different meanings. 
If a particular meaning draws your attention or feels right – go with it!

Meaning of the Whip (and the Broom)

– Arguments/Conflict     – Intense physical activity     – Repetitive actions     – Pain     – Clearing and cleansing

The Whip can show the more intense negative side of life. In my first Lenormand deck, the Whip was depicted as a ‘slave whip’, with an image of an actual slave on there! The image showed both sides of the power dynamic, the abused and the abuser. But it also showed the physicality of the Whip card, raw as it is. Confronting for sure! But that’s to be expected from a card whose main message is … pain and conflict.

Repetitive actions, like the sweeping of a broom, back and forth, or the flicking of the whip, also belong to the Whip and the Broom. You’d think the Scythe would embody this also, with its rhythmic back and forth swing as well! Maybe it can for you, you decide.

The Whip brings with it the darker sides of human behaviour and personality; abuse, torment, addiction, stalking, co-dependence – whatever can bring danger to others. This is why addiction can be included here, the ill health caused by addiction can be dangerous to the addict and those around them.

Personally, I have the addiction meaning as the Clover, the dopamine high responsible for the initial descent into the brain damage issue of addiction, the brain structure forever changed. For me, the Whip comes later, as a potential outcome of an addiction.

For some, the Whip card is the card of sexuality – I don’t have this as my meaning unless it is obvious in the reading of a client. The association of violence with this card makes it the furthest from sex to me! But to others untroubled by violence in their history – or who have certain kinks – the intertwining of this meaning may be inert and not obviously upsetting. The “repetitive action” meaning, combined with the “intense physical labour” meaning, makes it understandable that this card would be associated with sexual intercourse.

The Whip can also refer to athletes, competitive personalities, and competion itself.

The Body Part the Whip represents is: the muscles and tendons. For some, it is also the phallus (not for me…I just don’t talk about penises enough I guess *shrug*).

For Timing, we use the number 11; November, 11 days, weeks, months or years.

The Playing Card associated with the Whip card is: Jack of Clubs


The Whip Combinations



Combined Meanings

11 Whip 1 Rider Highly athletic activity. An imminent argument. An athletic competition.
11 Whip 2 Clover A light dispute. Repeated fun. Cleaning with herbs (e.g., smoke cleanse)
11 Whip 3 Ship A competitive foreigner. A journey back and forth. Danger on your trip.
11 Whip 4 House Domestic violence. Arguments about domestic chores.
11 Whip 5 Tree Stress from conflict impacting upon your health. Repeated activity for purposes of your health. Abuse within the family.
11 Whip 6 Clouds (light) An argument clears things up. Physical exercise clears your head.
11 Whip 6 Clouds (dark) An argument creates confusion. Gas-lighting. Mental torment.
11 Whip 7 Snake Exercise in the form of yoga! An argument requires you to adapt.
11 Whip 7 Snake (Negative) Maliciousness – physical, mental and emotional. An argument with someone trying to manipulate you against your own interests.
11 Whip 8 Coffin Violence or an argument causes illness. The end or outcome of an argument.
11 Whip 9 Bouquet A beautiful athlete. A backhanded compliment. Exercise skills.
11 Whip 10 Scythe Violence. An argument forces a decision. A competition is cancelled.
11 Whip 11 Whip (and the Broom) Heavy labour/highly physical activity by an athlete. Painful argument. Repeated workout.
11 Whip 12 Birds An argument face-to-face. A shouting match. A chatty athlete.
11 Whip 13 Child A small argument. Aggressive teasing. A young athlete.
11 Whip 14 Fox An argument at work. Professional athlete.
11 Whip 15 Bear Conflict over long-term finances. A violent parent. Over-bearing.
11 Whip 16 Stars Celebrity competition. A quarrel over your hopes and dreams.
11 Whip 17 Stork Hard work moving house. Argument about a trip overseas.
11 Whip 18 Dog Argument about or with a friend. A friend that keeps coming back. A fight over loyalty.
11 Whip 19 Tower Pain from being isolated. Conflict with a business or organisation.
11 Whip 20 Garden Argument about someone’s reputation. Heavy exercise in nature.
11 Whip 21 Mountain A conflict is delayed. A very big argument. Repetitive difficulties.
11 Whip 22 Crossroads Multiple arguments. A conflict opens up more options. Not sure which direction to go each and every time.
11 Whip 23 Mice Too timid to have an argument. An argument caused by nerves. A small argument. An argument brings anxiety.
11 Whip 24 Heart Sexy times! An argument about a passion or hobby. Conflict with a lover. Conflict over something you are passionate about.
11 Whip 25 Ring Contract with an argumentative person. Repeat contract. Conflicting agreement.
11 Whip 26 Book Secret abuse. Conflict leads to research. An argument about an educational course or school.
11 Whip 27 Letter Conflict mentioned in an official document. An argument via written correspondence/email. A list / brochure showing physical exercises.
11 Whip 28 Man An angry man. A competitive male. Male gym trainer.
11 Whip 29 Woman An angry female. A competitive woman. Female athlete.
11 Whip 30 Lilies An argument restores harmony. Conflict with an older male. A fight about retirement. An athlete retires.
11 Whip 31 Sun A light argument that brings happiness. A happy athletic person. Daytime exercise. A competition has a sunny outcome.
11 Whip 32 Moon Conflict in the evening. Bad sleep routine. Psychic pain. Emotional argument.
11 Whip 33 Key Successful outcome regarding a conflict. Argument about opening something. An argument which solves a puzzle. Repeated success.
11 Whip 34 Fish Repeated money coming in. An argument about money. An expensive rod-shaped item. Spending money on your physical health regimen. Winning money in a competition.
11 Whip 35 Anchor Regular/daily heavy workout. A  conflict about stability. You can count on someone being argumentative.
11 Whip 36 The Cross An argument about a heavy burden. A tiring argument. Heavy row. The rules/regulations around a debate.

For more meanings and information, head to Wikipedia’s Lenormand page. Or check out my “Recommended Lenormand Resources” page for sites, vids and books I love 🙂

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