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13. Child – Lenormand Meanings and Combinations

Lenormand child card. Number 13.

Want to know the meaning of the Child card in the Lenormand? Read on below!

How about combinations for the Child? We’ve got that too!

My meaning of the Child is different in some way to almost every other Lenormand cartomancy practitioner or expert, and yours will be also.

When you’re starting out, it’s good to check meanings on different websites and in different books, until you settle on what feels right for youMake the card your own!

Remember, every Lenormand card has many different meanings. 
If a particular meaning draws your attention or feels right – go with it!

13. The Child – Meaning

  • New
  • Small or tiny!
  • A child / young person in your life
  • Vulnerable / needs protecting
  • Playful / fun
  • Naive
  • Immature / childish characteristics : impatient, selfish etc.
  • Spontaneous
  • Innocent
  • The inner child
The keywords I lean towards in a reading are generally “new”, “small”, “childish” and “playful” and often directly represent the Querant’s child or children close to them. If there are no children the Querant is asking about, the card describes and comments on the topic at hand.
This card often comes up in readings when more play is needed in the Querant’s life. A lot of us can be very serious and need reminding to have fun!
Below is a journey through my thoughts on children, and how that pertains to the interpreting this card. Most Lenormand readers I’ve learnt from have the same meanings as I’ve written here on this page 🙂

Imagine a child, so much smaller than you. So much energy to move and play! Laughing and smiling at what tickles their fancy. So much to learn and explore. They are new to the world, naive.

This doesn’t mean they are meek! Willful striving towards their desires is something that is to be culturally sculpted, society by society, culture by culture. They want what they want, honestly. They often want it right NOW! Hahaha.

Children are often impetuous, unknowingly cruel and selfish and can show brutish behaviour! So, when this card is an adjective for an adult in the Querant’s life, it can mean they are pretty annoying!! Hahaha. (Or it could just mean they are really short…)

Exploration and play are a huge part of being a child, they are openly curious and touch, taste and test all that comes onto their path. They bully and are bullied, they share and give, they demand and take.

They are loving and affectionate. They can be violent, biting and waving their fists around, unwittingly hitting what is in front of them in their enthusiasm. Accidentally cruel, unconditionally loving. They are all a human can be without the masks and conditioning. 

Children are a ball of willpower and fast growth (the Tree card has the “growth” meaning also, so it can be interesting when you find them paired together).

They need guardianship and teaching, they are vulnerable and need protection. They are in awe of the beautiful mundane that is new to them. They anticipate with eagerness and enthusiasm. For some, children are the reason for their whole existence, for others a bane to be avoided!!

Our personal experiences of childhood can colour this card. This card can represent the Inner Child.

The Body Part the Child card represents is the chest and breasts.

Astrologically, the Moon can be represented by the Child card.

Timing: 13 days, weeks, months or years. The 13th of the month.

Associated Lenormand playing card: Jack of Spades

Valence: Neutral


The Child Combinations

Primary Secondary Combined Meanings
13 Child 1 Rider

An acrobatic / brave child. A toy vehicle. An immature visitor. (News of) A baby is about to arrive! Literally a child riding a horse. New news.

13 Child 2 Clover

A happy go lucky child. Small good fortune or joy. A birthday party. Early stages of an addiction. Happy childhood.

13 Child 3 Ship A small journey. A young person from overseas or with an exotic appearance. New stock has arrived. Early stages of a trip. A new route.
13 Child 4 House

Childhood home. A stable / patient child. A doll house. A child who lives under your roof.

13 Child 5 Tree

A child’s health. Your health when you were a child. A child’s family (ancestors/nuclear/extended). New child in the family! A child’s growth.

13 Child 6 Clouds (light)

Something new or small brings clarity to a situation. A child brings cheer. Vulnerability caused by mental fatigue or fog clears up.

13 Child 6 Clouds (dark) A child creates confusion. Vulnerability caused by being unable to think clearly or being depressed. A person younger than you who isn’t very clear-headed.
13 Child 7 Snake

A child or young person is adaptable or flexible. A new kind of surprise. Feeling youthful after doing yoga or stretching! A child requires you to be adaptable or flexible to their needs.

13 Child 7 Snake (Negative) Someone younger than you who doesn’t have your best interests at heart. Someone acting nieve, innocent or playful for the purposes of trying to manipulate you. Immature and malicious behaviour. 
13 Child 8 Coffin

New or small illness. Something new comes to an end. Being vulnerable due to an illness or something ending. A toy / doll / something new or small in a box. A light-hearted outcome. Their days of acting childishly (about something) are over. 

13 Child 9 Bouquet

Childhood crush. A childish infatuation. A child with a sweet temperament. A child with lots of advanced skills/talents. A beautiful looking child. A small gift. A newly discovered talent. Naive / innocent generousity. Sweet playfulness.

13 Child 10 Scythe Childhood surgery / accident / vaccinations. Someone needs protection from sharp things! A decision that could change a young person’s life. Cancellation of a new or fun thing. A young person with a sharp tongue. (If paired with the Fox card, a junior surgeon).
13 Child 11 Whip (and the Broom)


Heavy labour/highly physical activity by a young athletic person. Pain caused unknowingly/from an innocent place. Little bit of exercise. Novelty in exercise. A young bully. Something you did over and over as a child.

13 Child 12 Birds

A chatty child. A gossipy youth. A small/quick chat. Teasing with words. A new trend. A pair of children (can be twins). Stories/songs/urban legends from when you were a child. New tidbit of gossip! Exploring/improvising/playing with words or song. Making up a story. Talking with an innocent or naive person.

13 Child 13 Child


A small bit of fun. A playful young person. Extremely naive. Your inner child is asking you to be more playful. Someone who is very vulnerable. A very small child.

13 Child 14 Fox

Someone who looks innocent, but is actually a trickster! New work. A young or youthful person you work with.

1 Rider 15 Bear News about your long-term finances. An unexpected visit by a parent/guardian.
1 Rider 16 Stars News about your hopes and dreams. A message from above/Divinity.
1 Rider 17 Stork News of a baby being delivered. News about a trip overseas.
1 Rider 18 Dog Surprise visit from a friend. Your new pet arrives.
1 Rider 19 Tower Unexpected news about your business. News from a business or organisation.
1 Rider 20 Garden Gossip about someone’s reputation. Going for a horse ride in nature. News delivered via social media.
1 Rider 21 Mountain Delay in transport or a trip somewhere. Traffic jam. Big news. Large package arrives. Physical health regimen becomes difficult to continue.
1 Rider 22 Crossroads Multiple deliveries or packages arriving. Driving in the wrong direction.
1 Rider 23 Mice Wiry young man. Someone arrives late due to dithering. News that brings anxiety.
1 Rider 24 Heart Young heart throb. Sexy times! News about a passion or hobby.
1 Rider 25 Ring News of a contract. A contract finalises fast. Flirtation leads to a commitment. Engagement to an athletic young person.
1 Rider 26 Book A secret is revealed! A visit by a Book Worm. News of acceptance to an educational course or institution.
1 Rider 27 Letter Delivery of an official document. News via written correspondence. You are given a list by a young person.
1 Rider 28 Man Behaviours/actions stereotypically attached to males in your culture. An arrogant young man. A male visitor. A significant male in your life visits unexpectedly.
1 Rider 29 Woman Behaviours/actions stereotypically attached to females in your culture. A young relative suddenly seems grown up. A female friend comes to visit unexpectedly. A handsome young woman. News from a female.
1 Rider 30 Lilies Unexpected visit from a mature gentleman. News restores harmony. Retrenchment or news of retirement.
1 Rider 31 Sun A young braggart. A happy healthy person. An extrovert appears in your life. Happy news!!
1 Rider 32 Moon News or a delivery that arrives in the evening. Information about your sleep. Psychic information. Emotional news.
1 Rider 33 Key News of success! News of the opening of something. News which solves a puzzle. News that a wish is granted.
1 Rider 34 Fish News of financial abundance. Unexpected cash arrives. An expensive car. Spending money on your car. An unexpected valuable edition.
1 Rider 35 Anchor A stable young man. Daily exercise. Reliable news
1 Rider 36 The Cross News that brings a burden. Heavy news. Destiny arrives.

For more meanings and information, head to Wikipedia’s Lenormand page.


Or check out my “Recommended Lenormand Resources” page for sites, vids and books I love 🙂

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