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10. Scythe – Lenormand Meanings and Combinations

10 Scythe - Lenormand card

The Scythe – Lenormand Meaning

  • An irrevocable choice
  • To cut
  • Fast, quick
  • An accident
  • Harvest (reaping the rewards or consequences)
  • Cutting it fine (this is my card for ‘don’t be late!’)

The Scythe is a hard realist compared to the previous card, 9 Bouquet. The knife cuts and what it touches is forever separated. It is sudden, quick and sharp! It can indicate surgery. An association with pain or injury is not always present, but some practitioners can emphasise the ‘danger’ vibe of this card. For me, it’s most often pointing out decisions, or what to cut out or gather. It’s also the card of editing, especially if it’s next to the Book or Letter cards.

For some readers, Scythe is directional, that is, what direction the blade is pointing to signifies which card it affects. In each deck, the side that the Scythe points to is different, so check your own deck if you choose to opt in to including this directional aspect into your interpretation. Generally, I stick to my regular pairing and mirroring rules for Scythe. However, in a Grand Tableau, where I pull out all the stops in my interpreting and get all intuitive (yay!) I can sometimes incorporate the directionality aspect, depending on which Houses or cards I’m drawing a relationship between.

Another meaning I use the Scythe card for is Acupuncture! As in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). I’m an energy healer, so the TCM meridian system is something I find really helpful. If it’s a health reading and the Scythe card pops up in a pertinent location I’ll suggest that talking with a TCM practitioner might yield results. I ALWAYS recommend clients see a certified GP about an issue first! Remember, if you take this up professionally, you will most likely find that the laws in your jurisdiction compel you to do likewise. Lol, I don’t need to be compelled because I agree with it – this is super important so please remember what I’ve said here.

As an example, one querant asked about what type of work would suit them as they were curious about their career, having always been in the same industry their whole life. They weren’t unhappy, they didn’t desire a change, but they’d noticed that most of their friends had multiple different careers and were wondering that they themself didn’t. 

I did a three card spread, Scythe + Sun + Bouquet. I took this to mean that they were happiest when their attention was fully engaged in quick decisive actions that showed immediate tangible results. The Sun can also indicate being able to show off a bit, so I also mentioned that they would best be in a situation where people could admire their work. The querant was an established computer programmer and I had basically described how they already saw their role at work! Lol, so they seemed to be reassured that it was okay that they didn’t and had never wanted to change careers.

The Body Part: Scythe represents the teeth and mouth.

Timing and Pace: Sudden and quick, 10 days/weeks/months/years, harvest time!

Associated playing card: Jack of Diamonds

Valence: Negative / challenging

The Scythe Combinations

Primary           Secondary Combined Meanings
10 Scythe 1 Rider

A delivery of a cutting implement/something scythe-shaped. Imminent news of a decision. A decision about a delivery/passing on news/a young athletic person.

10 Scythe 2 Clover A decision about fun/a party/gambling. A decision that brings good fortune or joy.
10 Scythe 3 Ship An unchangeable decision about a journey. An accident overseas. Damaged imported goods. 
10 Scythe 4 House A decision about your house/security. An accident in the house. A division in the household.
10 Scythe 5 Tree An operation. An accident outdoors. Necessary changes for your health. 
10 Scythe 6 Clouds (light)

A decision brings clarity to a situation. A brush with danger clears the cobwebs from your mind!

10 Scythe 6 Clouds (dark) A decision creates confusion. Reaping the “rewards” of a bad mood. An accident leaves you concust.
10 Scythe 7 Snake An irrevocable decision requires you to be adaptable or flexible to new needs. A hair cut makes you feel lighter and/or transformed. Operation on the spine.
10 Scythe 7 Snake (Negative) An accident caused by being startled. A hard decision needs to be made because someone does not have your best interests at heart. Someone is trying to manipulate you into making a particular decision.
10 Scythe 8 Coffin Harvest’s end. Choosing the outcome. Knife case. An accident hurts your butt! 🙂
10 Scythe 9 Bouquet

Choosing a gift. Good looking set of teeth. An accident on your date. Picking a bunch of wild flowers. Harvesting nature’s bounty.

10 Scythe 10 Scythe

Making an irrevocable decision extremely quickly. A decision about an operation. The harvest (consequences or bounty) of a decision. Dental operation. [Combine any meaning of the Scythe with another of its meanings].

10 Scythe 11 Whip (and the Broom) A painful accident. Repeated cutting. Sprinting (quick + exercise). Choosing to perform a violent act.
10 Scythe 12 Birds The consequences of a discussion. Saying your decision out loud. A quick chat.
10 Scythe 13 Child A small choice. The reward of light-hearted fun (being playful can help alleviate different negative moods for example). An accident caused by being irresponsible.
10 Scythe 14 Fox An irrevocable decision about work. Being fired or resigning. A quick swindle! A clever decision.
10 Scythe 15 Bear

An irrevocable decision about your long-term finances. A parent/guardian is in an accident.

10 Scythe 16 Stars An irrevocable decision about your hopes and dreams. A choice about your destiny. A warning of danger from the Heavens. Clear your aura.
10 Scythe 17 Stork An irrevocable choice about a trip overseas or a house move. Making the decision will transform things for the better. You finally allow something or someone to fly free (truly let go).
10 Scythe 18 Dog Your friend (or pet dog) has an accident. You choose to cut your friend loose/block them.
10 Scythe 19 Tower

A decision about your business. Reaping the rewards from your business or organisation. An accident while you’re alone! Demolition of a building. Structure or guidelines around decision-making.

10 Scythe 20 Garden A surgeoun who is very social/enjoys networking. An irrevocable choice about your social network/social media (I have the Star card for internet, so if the garden and star card are next to each other here, it would mean social media for me). Cutting it fine for being on time to a social gathering. Cutting out friends from a particular social network/group. A decision to permanently leave a social group.
10 Scythe 21 Mountain Delay in a decision. Surgery date delayed. Cutting through a big obstacle. Big rewards/consequences. Very large knife! Resistance around a decision.
10 Scythe 22 Crossroads

Multiple decisions. Choosing one life path over another (e.g., a final decision of which uni course to take after high school). A dangerous road. Options / alternatives to surgery.

10 Schythe 23 Mice Snacking. Cutting out something that makes you anxious. Making a final decision about something that makes you anxious in your life. Lots of small cuts or small accidents.
10 Scythe 24 Heart An irrevocable decision about your love life. Love bite! Cancelling or cutting out a hobby or passion. A final decision about a lover.
10 Scythe 25 Ring

Final decision about a contract. Breaking a loop. An accident leads to a commitment. Reaping the rewards – or consequences – of an agreement. A decision to permanently commit, or break up from, a relationship. (Ring on the left, Scythe on the right is my divorce combination. But! Scythe on the left, Ring on the right is more of a “final decision” vibe to me, it could be either to stay or go).

10 Scythe 26 Book

A decision about education. Erasing a secret. Editing/proof reading/revising a piece of writing.  A decision about accepting an offer to join an educational course or institution (especially if the Tower card is beside the Book card). Secrets or knowledge that could cause damage/are dangerous.

10 Scythe 27 Letter

Editing a letter or piece of writing. Tearing up pieces of paper. Informing someone of a decision in writing. Writing out a list of pros and cons.

10 Scythe 28 Man

Cutting off interactions with a male. A sharp or decisive man. A man you were involved in an accident with. A decision about a man needs to be made. Injury or surgery to male-specific body parts.

10 Scythe 29 Woman Cutting off interactions with a female. A sharp or decisive woman. A woman you were involved in an accident with. A decision about a woman needs to be made. Injury or surgery to female-specific body parts. Of work; a surgeon or a woman who uses sharp tools.
10 Scythe 30 Lilies

An accident involving a mature gentleman. Quitting your job and retiring. A decision restores harmony. A sharp-tongued older male. Your retirement pension or superannuation fund becomes available (Scythe: reaping the rewards + Lilies: retirement).

10 Scythe 31 Sun Someone who is quick-witted, and alert. A decision about your happiness. A positive decision. Unexpected attention, or, exiting the spotlight. An amicable break up. A positive outcome of surgery. Reaping the rewards of your fame or enthusiasm.
10 Scythe 32 Moon

In two minds about something. An important unalterable decision happening in the evening. A serious decision about your sleep. Cutting psychic or energy cords. An emotional decision. Cutting out an evening activity. Needing to use your intuition to make a decision. Emotional bounty.

10 Scythe 33 Key An irrevocable choice about your success! A firm decision about the opening of something. Making up your mind firmly is the solution. Picking a lock (literally). The blade that cuts keys. Reaping the rewards of your success.
10 Scythe 34 Fish An irrevocable choice about financial abundance. Cash arrives/is sent just in the nick of time. An expensive knife or hand tool. A purchase that has no refund possible. Huge discount (Prices slashed!) 
10 Scythe 35 Anchor An irrevocable choice about your stability. An important decision that you have to make everyday (e.g., if sobriety – 2 Clover + 36 Cross – is in the spread, this could be a daily decision to choose sobriety). A blade that is locked firmly onto a bench or machine. A stake (i.e, something with a pointy end that anchors into something else, like a fencing post in the ground). An accident involving something very heavy. Reaping the rewards (or the consequences of) your daily routine.
10 Scythe 36 The Cross An irrevocable choice that brings a burden. A heavy decision / decision that brings sorrow. Cutting ties with a religion or organisation that has strict rules. A decision that shapes your destiny. You barely scrape through with the rules about something. An accident due to not following the rules (if a “vehicle” card is in the spread, take extra care on the roads). Reaping the rewards of your diligent adherence to something. 

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