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01. Rider – Lenormand Meanings and Combinations

The Rider Card from the Lenormand Oracle

Want to know the meaning of the Rider card in the Lenormand? Read on below!

How about combinations for the Rider? We’ve got that too!

My meaning of the Rider is different in some way to almost every other Lenormand cartomancy practitioner or expert, and yours will be too.

When you’re starting out, it’s good to check meanings on different websites and in different books, until you settle on what feels right for you. Make the card your own!

Remember, every Lenormand card has many different meanings. 
If a particular meaning draws your attention or feels right – go with it!

Meaning of the Rider

Imminent arrival of news or a package!

This card is external, from the outside environment, coming in towards you. It is sudden, unexpected, fast, exciting. It can be urgent news (not necessarily important), or something that demands your immediate attention. An unexpected visit.

Imagine a gallant knight, galloping up on their beautiful strong horse to the castle, interrupting everything and everyone with ‘News for the Queen!’ The Rider can represent a young adult or teenager, hopped up on the arrogance of perceived immortality. This card could also represent an unexpected visitor! They might even rudely interrupt you in the middle of you doing something! Gasp! They may be athletic and/or young.

As an example, I remember my father surprising me with a coffee invite as he had had to drive 45 minutes into the city unexpectedly to pick up a part he needed.

For my daily spread, on the day my father phoned me for a surprise coffee, I got the Rider, Bouquet and Tree. Bouquet can be an invitation and Tree can be a family member. It turned out that my father was just around the corner so I asked him in for a coffee and bickies (Australian slang for cookies).

The surrounding cards are important – which direction is the Horseman facing? Where is it running from or to? (What are the cards to the left and to the right?) Unless you’re just just ju-ust beginning, you’ll probably be doing spreads that are more than one card, so you’ll definitely be able to get more context that way 😊

The Rider Combinations

Primary Secondary Combined Meanings
1 Rider 1 Rider Incoming! Very very soon; imminent arrival. Multiple surprise visitors. Highly athletic activity.
1 Rider 2 Clover A fun guest. Sudden news of good fortune or joy. A delivery of herbs.
1 Rider 3 Ship News of a journey. A young man from overseas. Surprise fulfillment of a Stock Exchange order.
1 Rider 4 House Someone unexpectedly appearing at your door. A reliable young man. News relating to real estate or your home.
1 Rider 5 Tree News of your health. Unexpected visit from a family member.
1 Rider 6 Clouds (light) News brings clarity to a situation. A visitor brings cheer.
1 Rider 6 Clouds (dark) News creates confusion; vague answers. A visitor who isn’t very clear-headed or who brings gloom.
1 Rider 7 Snake A visiting yoga instructor! A visitor requires you to be adaptable or flexible to their needs.
1 Rider 7 Snake (Negative) A visitor who doesn’t have your best interests at heart. News brought to you for the purposes of trying to manipulate you.
1 Rider 8 Coffin Sudden onset of an illness. A channel of information becomes unavailable.
1 Rider 9 Bouquet Delivery of a gift of appreciation. Graduation certificate arrives earlier than expected. Good looking young person (usually Male).
1 Rider 10 Scythe Cancellation of a scheduled visit. News of a decision.
1 Rider 11 Whip (and the Broom) Heavy labour/highly physical activity by a young athletic person. Painful news.
1 Rider 12 Birds A chatty young man. News by mouth/over the phone.
1 Rider 13 Child A small bit of news/gossip. A playful young person.
1 Rider 14 Fox News about work. A young man you work with. Deliverer or messenger or athlete as occupation.
1 Rider 15 Bear News about your long-term finances. An unexpected visit by a parent/guardian.
1 Rider 16 Stars News about your hopes and dreams. A message from above/Divinity.
1 Rider 17 Stork News of a baby being delivered. News about a trip overseas.
1 Rider 18 Dog Surprise visit from a friend. Your new pet arrives.
1 Rider 19 Tower Unexpected news about your business. News from a business or organisation.
1 Rider 20 Garden Gossip about someone’s reputation. Going for a horse ride in nature. News delivered via social media.
1 Rider 21 Mountain Delay in transport or a trip somewhere. Traffic jam. Big news. Large package arrives. Physical health regimen becomes difficult to continue.
1 Rider 22 Crossroads Multiple deliveries or packages arriving. Driving in the wrong direction.
1 Rider 23 Mice Wiry young man. Someone arrives late due to dithering. News that brings anxiety.
1 Rider 24 Heart Young heart throb. Sexy times! News about a passion or hobby.
1 Rider 25 Ring News of a contract. A contract finalises fast. Flirtation leads to a commitment. Engagement to an athletic young person.
1 Rider 26 Book A secret is revealed! A visit by a Book Worm. News of acceptance to an educational course or institution.
1 Rider 27 Letter Delivery of an official document. News via written correspondence. You are given a list by a young person.
1 Rider 28 Man Behaviours/actions stereotypically attached to males in your culture. An arrogant young man. A male visitor. A significant male in your life visits unexpectedly.
1 Rider 29 Woman Behaviours/actions stereotypically attached to females in your culture. A young relative suddenly seems grown up. A female friend comes to visit unexpectedly. A handsome young woman. News from a female.
1 Rider 30 Lilies Unexpected visit from a mature gentleman. News restores harmony. Retrenchment or news of retirement.
1 Rider 31 Sun A young braggart. A happy healthy person. An extrovert appears in your life. Happy news!!
1 Rider 32 Moon News or a delivery that arrives in the evening. Information about your sleep. Psychic information. Emotional news.
1 Rider 33 Key News of success! News of the opening of something. News which solves a puzzle. News that a wish is granted.
1 Rider 34 Fish News of financial abundance. Unexpected cash arrives. An expensive car. Spending money on your car. An unexpected valuable edition.
1 Rider 35 Anchor A stable young man. Daily exercise. Reliable news
1 Rider 36 The Cross News that brings a burden. Heavy news. Destiny arrives.

For more meanings and information, head to Wikipedia’s Lenormand page.


Or check out my “Recommended Lenormand Resources” page for sites, vids and books I love 🙂

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